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Fall Back to You

I’ve always felt that early autumn more than January 1st is a time for goal setting and planning. Whether we are in school or out of school it is a great time to think deeply about what we want to achieve or change and to take steps to put us on the right track. Take a few moments to think about that you would like to achieve in the months ahead, or about what needs you want to meet in that time period. You may even want to write it down along with your thoughts and feelings in a journal. Believe in yourself and work hard towards your goals. A great way to refresh yourself is with a spiritual bath. I really like a green bath to bring in money, opportunity and success. For this bath you will need comfrey, green food coloring, wintergreen alcohol and white sage. Add the comfrey, food coloring and alcohol to a tub full of warm water and use the sage leaves to scrub your body. While you are bathing, focus on your concerns. When you are finished, focus on your problems going down the drain with the used bath water and rinse the tub with cold water. This bath goes great with any success candles you wish to set. 

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