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This was my first time coming to Sister Girl for a reading and I must say I felt great after the reading so much so I decided to get her do some candle work for me and I can say it was money well spent because it worked and it worked quickly. I highly recommend Sister Girl to anyone who needs some guidance.


I have found sister girls readings to be eerily accurate. I was having a reading done last year, about one situation, and sister girl picked up on some future trouble that would arise in my relationship. I had no idea that was coming, and she was so right. Thanks to her I was able to get the help I needed and turn the situation around. She has a way of picking up on things and she tells you the truth weather it’s what you want to hear or not but still be pleasant about it. Thank you Sister Girl! -N.F 


I’ve had several readings with Sister Girl and they were very accurate, specific, and she gave the best guidance. My situation needed some work and she was able to help me. Right after she set candles for me I received a message from my ex asking to meet up and apologizing to me! I was so surprised it happened so fast, especially because just days before he had been ignoring me, and told me he wanted nothing to do with me anymore. Im so grateful to Sister Girl for her help, I highly recommend her as she is direct and honest but very kind and highly skilled at her work. -C.R.

I would like to thank Sister Girl for lighting candles for me and guiding the Gods to bless me with a full time job when I needed it most. I updated my resume and applied for a few openings in January and I was working the first week in February. -J.R.

Sister Girl has done wonderful work for me. She has made me mojo bags, money candles, as well as house cleanings to keep gossip out and a harmonious home. Everything Sister Girl has done for me has worked greatly and she's a great spiritualist and root worker. -T.G

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